Alternative Careers Society's main mission is to investigate the graduate labour market, inspire and support students to discover the career opportunities available upon leaving LSE. We host various events throughout the year about different sectors, culminating in a conference in Lent Term.  

Last year, our events throughout the year included a "ARTernative Career" discussion panel, a Christmas social, and a "NGOing into a Top Career" event in January! With regards to the Conference, we had four to five "mini events", including ones on Alternative Media, Political, and Energy Careers, along with networking and skill sessions.  

Society Updates

Welcome back! Follow our Facebook page for regular updates, we have a lot planned for the coming year.

New core committee

President:  Rachel Miller
Vice President:  Ellie Deathridge
Secretary:  Margaux Spriet
Treasurer:  Capucine Cogn√©

Welcome to Alternative Careers! We have many exciting events planned for you this year, can't wait to see you all there :)

Leadership in the Public Sector
Date: Monday, 27th November, 2017
Time:  1830-2000
Place: 32L. LG. 04

Careers in Civil Service
Date: Tuesday, 5th December, 2017
Time:  1830-2000
Place: tbd

Fantastic turn out for our Alternative Careers Conference on the 25th of February! Big thank you to the Alt Careers team and everyone who came along :)