Anahide Pilibossian

Hailing originally from France, Anahide studied first at the University of Paris before obtaining her MSc in Comparative Politics, Politics and Markets from LSE. She gained experience working in the Council of Europe and in the consultancy and legal spheres as an intern, before taking up a voluntary research position at the famous think tank Tomorrow’s Company. After a further 3 years working there, Anahide took the step to work in Government Relations and Public Policy department at the prestigious Asset Management and financial services firm BlackRock. Anahide’s advice for students at LSE who don’t necessarily know what career path to go down. Firstly, a successful career is not a linear trajectory. Be prepared to alter your goals accordingly. Secondly, you don’t get your dream job with your first job. No matter how talented and well-prepared an individual is for the world of work, you may have to bide your time before being presented with an opportunity to progress down a career path that is suited to you. Finally, remain a student of the world and the market. Never assume you cannot learn any more about your global surroundings. Continue to be inquisitive and this will put you in good stead to adapting to change in your work environment.

Joel Rosen

Joel was an ex-LSE Undergraduate Student, who became ingratiated with LSE life by becoming the 1st pocket philosopher for Beaver and designing the Austro-Swiss society and Fashion society's logos. He subsequently went on to obtain an MSc from the University of Oxford in Global Governance and Diplomacy. Joel represents many current LSE students in that he didn’t know which direction he wanted to take his career. After obtaining an HR internship with CITI Bank, and subsequently realising his passions lay elsewhere, Joel dabbled in the world of consultancy before achieving a fast track position in the UK Civil Service. For the last 2 years, Joel has held a number of positions in the civil service, and is currently a generalist in the UK Civil Service Fast Stream. Joel’s advice to embrace exploring different career paths was well received by the conference attendees, and his experiences living in different countries and working in different industries ensured that he was an invaluable panellist. We greatly appreciate Joel taking the time to share his thoughts on careers with us!

Fiona Curry

Fiona Curry did a 5 year undergraduate degree in BSc Psychology and Sociology, where she was able to do 2 years of experience and one year of an internship. After graduating, Fiona worked for Google for 3 and a half years, as part of the recruitment team then as a generalist. After deciding she wanted to continue to learn more, she went on to do a masters degree in Human Resource Management at the LSE. Having completed her masters degree, she worked for General Electric for a little while, then got a job at LinkedIn, where she is now. Fiona worked in Human Resource work for 14 years. She describes HuR work as everything “from everyday taking care of employees to very strategic, coaching leaders to manage their people”.

Graziella Piga

Graziella Piga grew up in a small town in Sardinia, Italy. She chose to study Russian studies at university, allowing her to speak Russian fluently. But she realized that she didn’t want the typical job most ended up doing after taking her degree, working on the imports and exports in Russia. Following this, Graziella took on a vocational course on gender and development, realizing she wanted to work on equality. She had a work placement in Italy, working in a well known NGO, and was eventually offered a long term job. After taking on this job, she was sent to Hue’, the imperial town of Vietnam, conducting a micro-finance project for women with children suffering from malnutrition in the remote district of A Luoi. By being part of a project that combined gender equality and health projects helping children and mothers, Graziella found her calling. After this experience she worked in Serbia and then she quit her job and applied for a masters in Development Studies at Oxford Brookes. As a part of her Master thesis, she got the opportunity to conduct research on human trafficking and refugee women at the UNHCR. After graduating Graziella worked for the OSCE Mission in Skopje and later for the OSCE in Bosnia. In 2006 Graziella moved on to work in Tajikistan, managing the OSCE program on gender and counter-trafficking for more than 3 years, eventually ending up in UN Women as a manager of a Cross-regional programme. Since mid- 2013 she works as an independent consultant mainly for UN Women and the European Commission, but also for other organisations.

Gearoid Lane

Gearoid Lane is the co-founder and CEO at Agility Eco Services Ltd, a company working to deliver renewable energy projects for clients in both the public and the private sector. Before entering into the energy industry, Lane received a MEngSc in Mechanical Engineering from the National University of Ireland, Galway and a MBA from Henley Management College. 

Debora Singer

Debora Singer is a Volunteer Trainer at Amnesty International and Policy and Research Manager at Asylum Aid. She graduated from the University of Oxford in 1979 with a BA in Psychology and went on to complete both a Masters at the LSE and a Masters in Refugee Studies at the Univeristy of East London. Debora is passionate about the Campaign to Save the Human Rights Act. What Debora emphasised about her role is that despite having the most senior position she has ever had, campaigning is still at the heart of her job. She highlighted how straightforward it is to campaign on issues we are passionate about. Debora provided us with information and ways to effectively campaign, specifically looking at the Human Rights Act. To find out more about the Campaign to Save the Human Rights Act please see Debora’s PowerPoint here.

Fotis Filippou

Fotis Filippou is Deputy Director of Campaigns for Amnesty International, where he works on campaigns on discrimination, rights of refugees and migrants, children's rights, police abuse, freedom of expression and other areas. Through this he has had the opportunity to work in many different countries in Europe. In 2005 Fotis graduated from the University of Macedonia with a degree in Balkan, Slavic & Oriental Studies, after which he pursued a Master’s Degree in Development Studies at the LSE. He is currently studying for an Executive Master in Corporate Communications at the IE Business School. Fotis highlighted that despite working for an NGO, once you reach a senior position there are a lot of professional skills needed to be successful which you would need in for example, a banking career, alongside your passion for campaigning. He shared with us that in this industry it is crucial to have lots of volunteering experience.

Jagdip Jagpal

Jagdip Jagpal is a freelance Senior International Arts Programme and Project Manager working for Maria Balshaw, the next director of Tate. Jagpal graduated from the LSE with a Bachelor of Laws degree, followed by years of experience working for BBC Radio, Almeida Theatre and commercial television, before entering the executive search business. From her experience, one has no reason to feel restricted in working in the arts because of the variety of subfield it covers such as performing arts, media, museums and galleries. She demonstrates how a degree can be made versatile by integrating her knowledge in intellectual property and law with entertainment.


Karolina Walewska

Karolina Walewska is the Design and Project Director at her own business - Napoleon & Dolls, which focuses on luxury branding and design in London and Dubai. After completing her undergraduate degree in Economics at the LSE and another in History of Art, French and Logic Philosophy at UCL, Walewska followed her passion and entered into the luxury market. Working with developers, fashion houses and restaurants, she believes that 'your degree should not hinder your dream career, it is the skill and experience that will apply in whatever role you choose’.


Vishal Kumar

Vishal Kumar is a Data Analyst at Sotheby's. After completing his undergraduate degree in Economics and Geography at LSE, Kumar went on to study his Master’s in Art Business at Sotheby's Institute of Art. At Sotheby’s, Kumar uses data to tell compelling visual stories with data. His job requires analysis, knowledge of data, and imagination to ensure that his artistic clients do not get bored. In his opinion, the advantages of his job are that he does not work long hours, like his counterparts working in finance, and that he can go downstairs during his lunch break and see amazing pieces of art. To find out more about Art Secured Lending Due Dilligence, read Kumar's report here.


Dirk Boll

Dirk Boll is the Managing Director Continental Europe for Christie’s. He trained as a lawyer in Germany, then went on to pursue a post-graduate degree in Art Management with a PhD in Art Law. Starting off at Christie's in Stuttgart, he was trained to become Managing Director in Switzerland. His current job of Managing Director of Continental Europe involves looking at the art markets, and trends, and from this managing Christie's offices. In this sense, one doesn't have to be "artsy" for the job, but be skillful at analysing markets and taking steps in managing the business from this. For further information about Boll's work, click here.