What's is a logo? – The story behind our rebanding

This 2016/17 academic year, we decided to rebrand ourselves from being the Artichoke Society to the Alternative Careers Society. Our mission is to investigate the graduate labour market, and inspire and support students taking up fulfilling, socially beneficial careers. We focus on researching students' career aspirations and opportunities, as well as providing resources to aid graduates making career choices. Our emphasis is on inspiring students by highlighting the stories of graduates who have successfully pursued an alternative path.

With many thanks to John Nuttall, the new Alternative Careers Society logo was born! The concept behind the brand comes from Artemis, the Ancient Greek goddess of the hunt. Artemis represents the symbols of the golden bow and arrow, hunting dog, stag, and moon, and is one of the most widely venerated deities. Derived from the term artemês, meaning uninjured, healthy, and vigorous, we hope that our Society empowers students to explore different careers, step out of their comfort zones, and finds fulfillment in their careers after graduation.

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