Hello and welcome to our newly revamped website! 

As the seasons pass, tastes change. We, too, are adapting to stay tuned with the times. After much thought and debate, we are proud to announce our new name - the Alternative Careers Society! We’ve changed our logo, started up a new committee, and will very soon be hosting events throughout the year. 

So why the re-brand? We want to keep it short and sweet so that everyone’s clear on what we’re all about as a society. Starting off as the Artichoke Society, we were inspired by Marina Keegan’s piece ‘Even Artichokes Have Doubts’. A few years have passed since then and we would like to turn a new leaf. Originally, the society was focused on research but as the LSE now offers more workshops and sessions on academia, we want to switch our attention to hosting events. As the Alternative Careers Society, we aim to host a wide variety of events about career opportunities outside of the corporate world. From the Arts to working in the Third Sector, we hope to help students discover new career paths and give them to opportunity to ask questions about the jobs that they may not know exist.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a calendar of events so stay tuned! In the meantime, make sure you’re following us on social media for the latest news:
Our Twitter: lsesualtcareers
Our Instagram: lsesualtcareers
Our Facebook page: LSESU Artichoke Society
And a LinkedIn page soon to come!